Education held on 14th of April , 2018

Bosnian and Herzegovinian Property Association has had its first education this year on 14th of April 2018, in School of Business and Economics.

When it comes to the attendance, all in all, there was 38 members, of which 33 were natural persons. The rest of the attendees were legal persons, including 2 member banks – Unicredit Bank and Ziraat Bank, as well as 2 guest banks – BBI Bank and NLB Bank.

In the introductory speech, prof. dr. Muharem Karamujic informed members about TEGoVA application, as well as gave them an overview of Association's past activities.

Education's topics:

  • Property valuation impacts on the bank's financial indicators;

  • How does the income method affect balance sheet and income statement.

The lecturers were Emir Hodzic and Armin Dzozic, who are the members of Steering Board as well. They presented structural and current property related topics.

After each presentation, the participants had the chance to be involved in the discussion of the aforementioned topics, as well as to ask questions to the lecturers in case of ambiguity.