The conference was attended by over 140 participants. Of those present, there were 24 RICS carriers, 108 participants from Serbia, 15 participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 5 participants from Montenegro, 3 participants from Slovenia, 3 participants from Croatia, 2 participants from Hungary, 2 participants from Northern Macedonia, 1 participant from Poland, 1 participant from Bulgaria, as well as 10 secretarial and technical staff.

The conference was held through 4 panels, namely:

  • Panel 1: Asset Valuation Regulation: National to Global, Is It Compatible?
  • Panel 2: “Desktop” and “drive by” on loan origination? – what does this mean for asset valuers? (European Banking Association (EBA) Guidelines Document Proposed June 19, 2019);
  • Panel 3: Expansion of the role of asset valuer; and
  • Panel 4: Are the valuers equipped for deep divinig into the extensive data.

It is worth noting that BHPA representatives took a significant part in the conference. BHPA President, prof. dr. Muharem Karamujic, and BHPA Vice President Mr. Emir Hodzic. Prof. dr. dr. Muharem Karamujić was a panelist on panel 3 – Expansion of the role of asset valuer.